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About our Practice

Professional Service since 2008


  • Practice started in 2008

  • By 2012, we've assisted over 1000 clients

  • In 2014, we opened a second temporary office in Ghajnsielem

  • In 2014 we provided training to two University students

  • In 2015 we hire our first employee, Anthony Mizzi

  • In 2019, we make a major investment in technology, upgrading all computers to dual monitor, adding IP telephony and international call-in numbers from UK and USA.

  • In 2020, Loretta Grech Lateo begins her Notarial practice as a University student.

  • 2021, Loretta Grech Lateo joins our team full time as a Notarial Assistant, pending her warrant.

  • In 2022 we enhance our Due Diligence procedures with the introduction of Diligex's KYCMatic and employ a KYC Compliance Analyst to process the data.

  • Do you accept credit cards?
    Sorry, no. At this point in time we do not accept credit cards. However, you can effect payment to us via internet banking. Contact us at for our banking details.
  • Do you open on weekends?
    No, we do not open on weekends, with the exception of emergencies. It is our policy that everyone needs some time off!
  • What is a Certified True Copy?
    This is where the Notary will see an original document, such as an ID card, Drivers License, Passport, birth certificate, etc, A copy of this original document is then made, and copy of it is stamped and signed by her, confirming that the copy if an exact of the original. A copy cannot be certified as a true copy unless the Notary has compared it to the original.
  • What information is needed for the Promise of Sale?
    Prior to meeting for the promise of sale, the Buyers and Sellers must provide: - ID Cards or other identity documents - A copy of the deed showing how the Sellers purchased the property that they are now selling. - If the sellers received the property through inheritance (wirt), then a copy of the Transfer Causa Mortis must be provided Once the Notary has these documents as well as the details of the property in hand, she can draft the Promise of Sale. At which point, an appointment will be scheduled with the Buyers and Sellers to finalize the fine points and sign the document.
  • What documents are needed to sign the lease agreement?
    When coming to our office for a lease agreement, it is important that all parties provide their identity documents.
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